17 de setembro de 2013


Veja depoimentos de Ládio e Valdelice Veron em entrevistas concedidas a Luciano Silva!

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  1. Empowerment of Indigenous
    Sign this petition for the establishment of the National Indigenous Peoples.
    Sidelined for more than 500 years, suffering injustice, violence, oppression, and a number of other brutalities, Brazilian Indians have historically been treated as second-class citizens or, at most, as immature individuals who needed a parent to State command them.
    Today, the scenario has changed. And at a time when the Brazilian civil society organizes itself to call for more gains towards the establishment of a truly democratic state, there is no reason to forget that our Indians too deserve a political space to organize their own struggle, without intermediaries.
    We know that Brazil has managed to institutionalize a space of struggle of blacks, women, farmers and people in situations of social vulnerability. Why let the Indians sided or relegate them to a secondary level in the struggle for the rule of law?
    We know that you are wise, because he recognized this right that the Indians also have. Without paternalism or commiseration. This is an attitude worthy of a true citizen: those who recognize themselves in each other and have the civic courage to continue fighting for freedom, equality and solidarity.
    That is why we appreciate your cooperation in this case. Thank you for your attention and for its sensitivity to recognize that our cause is social and political Already have signatures and we get a lot more!